Early Minoan Tomb at Nea Roumata

The Early Minoan Tomb at Nea Roumata is one of the most important tombs in Crete, discovered accidentally in 1980 in the valley of Nea Roumata in Chania. The archeological site is located at “Pefkos”, a region very close to the road that connects Chania with Sougia.

The Early Minoan Tomb at Nea Roumata is vaulted, with small dimensions. The tomb was made of river stones and the man, to whom it belonged, was found in a contracted position, with two vases next to the body, offered as grave goods. It is a quite innovative element in the Minoan funerary architecture, since all known tombs that have been discovered so far in Crete are obviously bigger.

Around the Early Minoan Tomb at Nea Roumata scattered stones and a few shells were also found.

A second vaulted tomb of similar construction, but with even smaller dimensions has been excavated at another location of the same area. Traces of Early Minoan facilities have been also found on various hills around the Valley of Nea Roumata, presenting in turn archaeological interest.

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