Gorge of Iliga

The Gorge of Iliga (or Kavi) ‘connects’ Anopoli with the town of Sfakia and the ancient stone path, which is still preserved in some places, demonstrating the connection between the two areas through this pathway over the centuries.

The Gorge of Iliga, took its name from the beach of Iligka, since this is where it ends. And in order to reach it, you will have to walk from Sfakia Anopoli, through the gorge, for about three hours.

The abandoned church of the Holy Cross essentially marks the beginning of the path through the gorge. Water does not flow through the river bed of the gorge of Iliga, apart from the very rainy periods. Apart from the main stream, five more gorges connect with the gorge of Iliga (the Sfakians call them klidia (keys), which run extremely wild in the period of rainfall.

In the Gorge of Iliga is the cave where the chieftain of Selino, Mpassias, died. The descent through the Gorge of Iliga is easy for everyone and at its end- which is two kilometers from the town – there is a small restaurant where you can eat and swim in the Libyan Sea to cool off.

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