Gorge of Tripiti

The Gorge of Tripiti in Chania is one of the hardest and most inaccessible gorges of Crete and for this reason its crossing is characterized as a true adventure. It is the natural boundary of Sfakia with the province of Selino.

To go down the Gorge of Tripiti, you will definitely need the accompaniment of experienced mountaineers, who have crossed it again and are aware of its passages.

It is customary to combine hiking with the ascent of Gigilos, one of the peaks of the White Mountains, which has an altitude of 2,080 meters. The trail starts from the source Linoseli. There, according to researchers, was the location of an oracle in antiquity.

The ground is rugged and covered with gravel. The total time of ascension at this point is about 2.5 hours. From there to the river bed of the Gorge of Tripiti, the route is very difficult and it is usual to spend the night there, before the descent.

The  Gorge of Tripiti is green but dry, so you should bring with you water and food. You are likely to encounter the wild goat of Crete that lives there, known as Kri – Kri.

The caves in the  Gorge of Tripiti are countless and from these “holes” (tripes) is where it got its name. To reach the end of the gorge, at the beach Tripiti, you will need a total of about 6 hours. On the beach, there is a cistern with water and the church of St. Nicholas.

From the beach you will follow the international path E4 with direction to Sougia, since there is no other route. To get to Sougia, you will need about 4 hours of walking. On the way you will encounter a source with drinking water and the chapel of Prophet Elias.

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