Imbros Gorge

Imbros Gorge is one of the most famous of Crete and probably the most famous, immediately after that of Samaria. It is located close to Sfakia and starts from the village of Imvros (or Imbros).

It is usually open all year round. Its length is about 8 km and its traverse requires no more than three hours of hiking. Imbros Gorge ends at the village Komitades.

Buses that have itineraries to Chania – Sfakia stop in the village, which is the starting point of the trail. The entrance to the Imbros Gorge requires paying a small fee, while you can buy the necessary provisions from the shops of Imbros. In the gorge, there are no sources and so you should have with you water.

Its descent is relatively easy and the natural environment is rich. The most impressive part of Imbros Gorge narrows sharply and it is limited in width to just two meters, while the vertical cliffs rise to a height of 300 meters, at the point called “stone gates”.

After hiking for about an hour, there is a rest area for hikers. Imbros Gorge ends on the road connecting the town of Sfakia with Fragokastello, in the village Komitades, where you will find small taverns.

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