Kalami is a village located 15 kilometers east of Chania, in the south side of the bay of Souda, near Big Chorafia.

This coastal village has a beautiful beach, which is located only 500 meters away from the settlement and constitutes an attraction both for locals and tourists. The coast at Kalami has rounded pebbles and the water is deep. At the east of the beach there is a small harbor with the fishing boats of the permanent residents.

Despite the fact that the coast at Kalami is not organized, it is really beloved. On the beach you will find only a few umbrellas, and some trees, offering you the opportunity to sit in their shade and enjoy your day at the sea.

From the shore, you can see the port of Souda and the Fortress. Near Kalami you will find the ancient city of Aptera, which is absolutely worth visiting, and the Turkish fortresses of “Intzedin” and “Paleocastro.”

At the settlement of Kalami there are traditional taverns offering you the chance to taste the local cuisine. However, the accommodation options are limited.

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