Karavopetra beach is located just two km west of Paleochora . The visitors of the region find the beach immediately after the Psilo Volaka  and Trochalou , which are also considered as beaches of Paleochora.

On the coast of Karavopetra, you will find small, fine pebbles, unlike to the neighbor-beach Pachia Ammos, and of course clean, crystal clear waters.

Karavopetra is not an organized beach and you have to be prepared for what you might need in order to spend a relaxing day by the sea. Nevertheless, there are trees that offer shade to those who want to avoid the scorching summer sun.

Karavopetra beach was named as such from a large stone, a rock located in the middle of the coast and resembles to a… boat! Perhaps the local imagination go wild and you may not be able to discern it at once, but it is certain that if you look carefully – and with a little good will, after endless dives – you will agree with them!

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