Near the village Nomikiana, four kilometers west of Fragokastelo and south of Chania, you will find Koutelos beach. The water here is deep and the coast has large pebbles.

Koutelos – between Sfakia and Fragokastello – is a deserted beach and it is very likely to find shade under the few trees that are there, or you can even be the only guests!

You can get everything you need from Nomikiana, and also on the beach, which is not organized, there is a unique tavern where you can taste local delicacies. You will reach Koutelos by the paved road that leads to the beach.

A rock to the west separates the beach from Pera Koutelos, another, smaller bay, where you can also go for swimming.

Right and left of the beach, along the Cape of Psilo Roumi, you will find many small beaches and Anapsi cave.


If you find yourself in Koutelos and you need some adventure, walk along the coastal path to Leska, another beach to the west. It took its name from the cliffs that surround it – “Leska” in the Cretan dialect means “steep”. The colorful rocks make the scenery wild and Leska is preferred by even less adventurous people arriving here from the land – if you have your own boat, things are clearly easier.


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