Kyani Cote

In Souda , one kilometer from the village Kalyves , of the municipality of Apokoronas and 17 kilometers east of the city of Chania lays the Kyani Côte, which is about two kilometers.

Kyani Côte is sandy, with crystal clear waters and has tourist infrastructure, but not in its entire length. It is popular and crowded by local residents and the wider region of Chania.

Its clear waters are very cold water due to sea currents. In the middle of Kyani Côte is poured the river Koiliaris, which springs from the tops of White Mountains, creating a very cold stream to the estuary. Kyliaris  is one of the few rivers in Crete that its waters flowing throughout the year.

Kyani Côte, one of the longest beaches of Chania, appropriate for a good getaway from the city, within walking distance and easy access.

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