Mouri is one of the mountainous villages of Sfakia. Despite the fact that it used to be full of mansions and wealthy families, nowadays it is no longer inhabited. Mouri is located between Anopoli and Imbros and constitutes the best point for entering the Iligas Gorge or the Kavi Gorge, in the west of Sfakia. It is located 43 kilometers southeast of Chania.

The Kavi Gorge is one of the largest and wildest gorges of Sfakia and despite its accessible position, the region of the Gorge still remains unknown to many people who merely enjoy swimming in the sea right outside the Gorge.

Visitors can have access to the bed of the Gorge from Mouri or Anopoli. At the bed of the stream you will see the 700 years old church of the Holy Cross which is full of religious paintings and icons on the walls.

Across from the church, there is is the only water source of the region in a cave, located on the path that leads to Mouri. From this church and after 3 hours of descent, you will reach the beach of Iligas.

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