Spilia is a village located 25 km from the city of Chania and just three miles from Kolimvari. The residents are mainly occupied in agriculture and the cultivation of olive trees.

Tradition says that the village got its name from the Cave of St. John –therefore, “Spilia” is the word that means cave in Greek-which is located on the hill of Marathokefalas. There, visitors can see two churches: the church of St. John the Hermit and the one of the Agioi Pantes.

Four kilometers away from Spilia, there is the village of Episkopi, with the church of the Archangel Michael (Rotunda), that is one of the most impressive Byzantine episcopal churches of Crete and one of the most important early Christian monuments of the island.

Spilia is located conveniently close to all the attractions of western Crete (Balos Gramboussa Elafonisi, Falasarna etc.) and in the village you will have the chance to find luxurious rooms and houses for rent.

The Church Museum of Spilia is still open and hosts many valuable liturgical objects and icons of the post-Byzantine period.

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