Agios Markos

Agios Markos is one of the oldest villages of Corfu which is named after the protector of the Republic of Venice in order to honor him. The village belongs to the protected regions of the Ministry of Culture because of its long history and its distinctive Venetian architecture. Agios Markos has significant monuments, one of which is the chapel of Agios Merkourios which is the most important Byzantine monument in Corfu after the church of Agioi Iassonas and Sossipatros. It is hidden away among an olive grove on private land and according to the inscription of the founder, which has been saved, it was built in 1075! It is a one spaced, rectangular stone church with rich, although damaged, frescoes from different chronological periods. The older ones are modern with the erection of the church and the subsequent date back to the second half of the 14th or early 15th century.

The village Agios Markos is built on a verdant hill and offers a magnificent view of the bay of Ypsos  and of the city of Corfu from which it is about 18 kilometers away.

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