Alonaki is a small beach with particularly dark sand which is located on the outskirts of Lake Korission, just before the large beach of Chalikounas.

Alonaki is entirely an unorganized beach, you will not find parasols or deck-chairs and of course there are no shops. The depth in Alonaki beach is shallow but it can get pretty windy, agitating the sea. The region is surrounded by large cliffs and a small cave on the northern part of the beach which makes the scenery even more impressive for the visitors. In Alonaki beach you may see a few small boats or fishing boats which deck on the northern part. This beach is preferred by summer visitors who desire calm and relaxing dips.

On the cliff in Alonaki, there is a restaurant which not only serves special dishes, but also offers an impressive view of the beach, on the spectacular Lake Korission. From here you can admire the lake in all its magnitude and you can also see the huge, golden beaches of Chalikounas and Issos .

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