Alykes beach

In the region of Alykes in Lefkimmi, on a beautiful and particular, natural environment with great history, Alykes beach has been formed during the last two decades. Generally, this space began to be free and available for visitors after 1988 when the salt-mine closed. Nowadays the old buildings and the facilities of Alykes (meaning a salt-marsh in greek) have been restored and the whole area has been reformed. The sandy shore, the clean waters and the beautiful environment create an ideal beach for those longing nature, a tranquil swim and having fun in the sand.

Besides swimming and sunbathing in Alykes beach you can also visit the very picturesque village of Lefkimmi  with its lovely squares, the small churches and the vivid, narrow alleys. The region is also known for its perennial olive trees, its vineyards and the lovely wine they produce.

In Alykes beach there is no tourism infrastructure and the natural environment remains pure and beautiful.

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