Lefkimmi is the largest town and the center of the southern part of Corfu. Besides, it is connected by ships  which leave its port and go straight to Igoumenitsa and Paxoi, serving inhabitants and visitors. Lefkimmi is a picturesque town built in a lowland area, amongst olive groves and vineyards, from which crosses the Lefkimmi River  that flows into the nearest beach, Bouka.

The region of Lefkimmi is known since ancient times because it is in its straits which took place the famous sea battle between the Corinthians and the Athenians, during the Peloponnesian war. During the Middle Ages, it was called Alechimmo from which today, remains its alternative place-name, «Alefki».

The town of Lefkimmi has not developed in tourism and maintains all its traditional elements. Do not be amazed if you see women in the streets carrying pots on their heads in balance. In Lefkimmi you will also see some historical monasteries and churches, such as the monastery of «Kyra ton Agelon» (Lady of the Angels) of 1698 which was built by the sons of Kapodistrias. In the church of Agios Arsenios, kept in a shrine are the remains of the homonymous Saint who was the protector of Corfu for centuries.

While taking a stroll in the districts of Lefkimmi, you will distinguish many elements of its long history. In Riglades you will see many old mansions. This settlement dates back to the Byzantine years and was named after the Riglis family who lived in the region. The Alykes (Saltmarshes) of Lefkimmi[ from where, they extracted salt for centuries, are located there. The renovated, Venetian buildings that you will see there were used as salt warehouses. In Melikia, a village of the 15th century, it is worthwhile visiting the church of Agios Isavros with the rare murals of the 16th century. You must certainly go to the settlement Potami with its small bridge above Lefkimmi River below which the locals anchor their fishing sloops.

In Lefkimmi the musical-artistic element is very intense. The Musical and Artistic Association of Lefkimmi  was founded in 1910 and today it counts over 100 musicians. The Philharmonic of Lefkimmi, the choir and the Municipal Conservatory also contribute to the musical education of the people of Lefkimmi.

As for the beaches, at a very close distance from Lefkimmi, you can swim in Bouka, Alykes  and Molos.

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