Alypa beach

Alypa beach is a small beach in Palaiokastritsa  the cosmopolitan resort which is situated in the interior of the small marina of the region. Despite the fact that Alypa beach is substantially located in a marina, its waters are very clean. The beach is covered with sand and gravel, surrounded by the verdant, natural landscape of Palaiokastritsa.

Alypa beach is organized. You can rent parasols and deck-chairs. You can even rent a boat in order to explore the multiple bights and the caves along the coastline. Above the beach there are many rooms to let, restaurants and coffee shops. Alypa beach is situated inside the settlement, it is also accessible by car and apart from all this it is considered more peaceful than the central beach of Palaiokastritsa which is next to it. It is the ideal place for relaxation and swimming in the crystal waters and yet so close to this noisy resort of the north-western coast of Corfu.

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