Boukaris beach

Boukaris beach on the eastern coast of the island extends in front of the homonymous fishing village and even though it is disorganized, it is very popular among the locals and the tourists for the beautiful view it offers to the city of Corfu but, also to the opposite continental coast. Boukaris beach is essentially composed of many small consecutive bays with sand and pebbles. The sea bed has got sandy parts and in other spots, sea rocks protrude. In this region there are many tiny, wooden piers where, the fishing boats can anchor.

Boukaris beach is one of the cleanest in Corfu and it attracts mostly families and people who wish to spend a quiet day at the beach. On the nearby, seaside road you will find numerous touristy lodgings and some taverns which serve fresh fish and Corfiot specialties. Boukaris beach is located at a distance of 3 kilometers from Messonghi which is a large touristy destination on the southern part of the island.

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