Boukaris is a quiet, fishing village with a small beach  in the southern coast of Corfu at a distance of 3 kilometers from the resort of Messonghi. Boukaris or Boukari, as the Corfiots call it, is famous for its fish taverns which are by the sea. From its small port, local fishermen depart every day and provide the taverns with fresh fish.

Boukaris is preferred as a destination by those who seek tranquil holidays, away from crowds. The settlement and the touristy lodgings in Boukaris are built amongst the dense olive grove which reaches up to the sea. The region has clean and calm waters, suitable for families with children. From Boukaris you can enjoy the view, both towards the city of Corfu and the opposite shores of Epirus.

Above Boukaris is situated the village of Kouspades  and a little bit to the south, Argyrades  which is a large traditional village with Venetian architecture. A little bit to the north, in Messonghi, which is a larger and more organized touristy destination, you can find commercial and touristy shops, bars and clubs for your nocturnal entertainment and everything else you may need.

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