Dassia beach

Dassia beach is one of the most developed beaches of the island, concerning the tourism industry. It is located in front of the homonymous village  at a distance of 13 kilometers from the city  of Corfu. It is a relatively narrow beach with gravel and fine sand, very hot waters and it is protected from the winds. In the sea, a platform has been built from where you can dive and which is the base for many sea sports available on this beach.

Dassia beach is an organized beach from one end to the other, with parasols, deck-chairs, showers and vestiaries. On the beach you will find luxurious hotels, rooms to let, beach bars and taverns.

In Dassia beach you will see many foreign tourists, mainly French and English, but also many locals, either families with small children or young people who prefer it because it is easily accessible from the city of Corfu. Urban buses  run regular schedules on a daily basis until late in the evening.

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