Evropouli is a small, lovely, traditional village situated approximately 5 kilometers from the city of Corfu. Picturesque streets, old stone houses and a small square with coffee shops give Evropouli a unique, traditional aura.

The Kapodistrias museum, Evropouli’s distinguished gem, holds personal items and furniture belonging to the first governor of Greece. It is housed in one of the cottages owned by the family in the area.

An old oil press, built in 1777, has been converted to a spiritual center which accommodates numerous cultural activities. Forty local residents have formed a choir in the village. The main church of the village is Pantokratoras, built in 1930 probably in the same spot where a smaller temple existed in 1745. A Russian banner can be found inside the church, donated by Kapodistrias.

According to historical archives of the 16th century, the name of the village was inspired by a settler called Servopoulos, which in the process became Evropouli.

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