Faliraki beach

Faliraki beach (also known as «Alekos beach», from the homonymous tavern which was there) is located below the Old City  of Corfu, on a beautiful landscape with a fantastic view of the Old Fortress.

Faliraki beach is relatively small and sandy and has got a big platform ideal for sunbathing and for taking a dip. This beach is mainly preferred by locals who, desire to take a quick dip near their house. Next to the beach, a very nice, paved area has been formed including coffee shops, bars and taverns where, you can enjoy your dinner or your drink until late in the evening with a view of the verdant islet Vido .

Faliraki beach once was a meeting and holiday place for the nobles of the city who, descended on the beach from the Garden of the People  which is located right above it. On the right of the beach there is still the old iron stairway which provided access to the shore.

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