Folklore Museum of Middle Corfu

The Folklore Museum of Middle Corfu is located in the village of Sinarades, approximately in the middle of the island and operates since 1982.

A traditional Corfiot bedroom of the 19th century impresses in the Folklore Museum of Middle Corfu, as well as rich collections of agricultural implements and homemade utensils, ecclesiastical items, figures of Karagkiozis, traditional ceramics and works of art. The collection of Corfiot traditional costumes,  stands out because of the typical way that they are carefully made.

The Folklore Museum of Middle Corfu narrates the daily life of the Corfiots mainly during the 19th century, with objects that were collected by the retired teacher Nikos Paktitis, the initiator and creator of the association, Historical and Folklore Company of Middle Corfu «The Corfiot woman» which is responsible for the operation of the Museum.

Besides from the exhibits, in the Folklore Museum of Middle Corfu you will be impressed by the building itself which is a traditional Corfiot house: The marble staircase leads to the first floor, which is the main body of the museum, while on the next one there is a library and the archive of the museum.

Sinarades, 49084 Corfu, Tel: 26610 54962

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