Karousades is the main and the largest village of the region and it stands out for its traditional architecture and the lovely location where, it is built. Karousades is named after the refugees that came to the island from the city of Karousa in the Black Sea. In the 15th century, after the fall of Constantinople, the Theotokis family settled here, whose mansion, built in 1500, is maintained until today and is the gem of the village. If you walk in its picturesque alleys you will discover more mansions, some well maintained and others less maintained.

A Philharmonic has been established in Karousades since 1980 where, many students of the village are taught how to play wind and percussion instruments with the purpose of spreading the tradition of music to the youngsters.

Karousades is only 15 kilometers away from the touristy and cosmopolitan Sidari, with its beach and the famous Channel of Love. If you want more tranquil moments, you can swim in the beach of Astrakeri  which is one of the few «virgin» beaches of the island, clean and filled with trees.

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