Sidari is one of the most famous resorts in Corfu and stands out for its geological formations which, are formed in its shores, the most famous one is the Canal d’amour, the Channel of Love  which, has made Sidari known worldwide. It is a natural, sea channel between sandy cliffs where, the bathers can put their towels upon these formations. In order to reach this beach you must pass through the village and head towards Peroulades  in the west.

Sidari covers a large area and provides multiple touristy lodgings, shops, restaurants and bars. You will also find many commercial shops, super markets, travel agencies and car and motorbike rental shops. In its main beach  you will find parasols and deck-chairs and the possibility to engage in sea sports.

Sidari is mostly preferred by the young because of its intense nightlife, as many shops are open until the early hours of the morning. Sidari is connected to the city of Corfu  with buses from KTEL  which, run daily. From Sidari you can also organize small trips towards the beautiful Diapontia Islands which, are Mathraki, Ereikoussa  and Othonoi.

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