Sidari beach

Sidari beach is a large and sandy beach, which extends along the main road, below the homonymous resort on the northern shores of the island. It is located between the small port and the famous Channel of Love, one of the most famous sights in the whole island. For this reason, Sidari beach is one of the most visited and busy beaches whic, is mainly preferred by tourists who flood this region every summer.

Keep in mind that the waters are quite cold. Nevertheless, Sidari beach has got shallow waters, ideal for families with small children. Approximately in the middle of the beach flows the river Tyflos which begins its journey from the mountains from the north-western part of Corfu.

Sidari beach is fully organized with parasols and deck-chairs in its biggest part. At close distance you will find a great variety of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and touristy shops. There is the possibility to engage in sea sports such as water-skiing, skiing with tubes. You can rent boats, pedalos or canoes and you can even explore the sea bed because of an organized diving center which operates on the beach. From the harbor on the right of the beach, small boats schedule day-long excursions to Diapontia Islands , mainly in Ereikoussa  which is the one closest to Sidari.

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