Kato Garouna

Kato Garouna is a large village amongst dense olive groves, 16 kilometers from the city of Corfu and very close to the beautiful beach of Ai Gordis. The houses in Kato Garouna are traditional, two floored or three floored, built very close to one another with the traditional «kantounia», the alleyways of Corfu, traversing through them in a serpentine manner. Even in the village, among the houses, the vegetation is obvious with the olive trees reaching up to the sea. A few meters higher, is situated Ano Garouna  which has fewer residents.

Kato Garouna is an old village with the first written sources mentioning it in 1503. Its inhabitants were farmers, cattle-breeders, hunters and builders but, it was distinguished for its marble craftsmen. Their work is visible today in the main church of Agios Nikolaos, its bell tower has been made by carving stone but, you can also see their work on the icon screens of the churches in the nearby villages. In the precinct of Agios Nikolaos you will see a statue devoted to the self-taught stonemasons, wearing their traditional costumes and their tools.

The cultural tradition is very developed in Kato Garouna. It has a cultural club and there is also a dance and theater section. In the village, there is also a sports club, Volida, a football team with many achievements.

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