Kato Korakiana

Kato Korakiana or Katomeri is situated in the northeast of the island, about 10 kilometers from the city, at the foot of mountain Pantokratoras and near the resorts of Dassia  and Ypsos. It is one of the large villages of Corfu with a long history which surpasses five centuries, a fact that is confirmed by the churches in some of the settlements which date back to that period. Kato Korakiana, which used to be during the Middle Ages a seat of lords, still maintains some old mansions in good condition.

The most significant sight in Kato Korakiana is the medieval tower of Polylades, which was later called Villa Mimbelli, while in recent years it is known as Kastello. It is one of a kind architectural edifice which is located in a forest with fir, pine and perennial trees. In the beginning of the 20th century, this tower housed the most famous personalities of Europe, among them the Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, Kaiser Wilhelm, King of Italy Victor Emmanuel, George I of Greece, and George II, who also chose this tower as his permanent residence from 1936 until 1939.

Just outside the village you can visit the chivalrous but, ruined medieval tower Garoufa, where the great national poet of Greece Dionysios Solomos came to calm down and write.

Just on the crossing of the road Corfu – Palaiokastritsa  with the road that leads to northern Corfu, next to the bridge and hidden in the trees, there is a small villa which Corfiots call «tsou giatrones» meaning «of doctors». It is there that for several yeras lived the doctors Atanasio Basetti and Tito Savelli, political refugees from Italy, as well as the heroes of the Italian revolution Emilio and Attilio Bandiera.

In Kato Korakiana you can enjoy the local hospitality in the taverns and coffee shops of the village or, if you are lucky, you can watch an event. Equally important is the presence of the Philharmonic «Gerasimos Markoras», named in honor of the great Corfiot poet who lived in the village. Another great Greek poet, Lorentzos Mavilis, also had a house in Kato Korakiana.

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