Korakades is an old, almost deserted village built on high ground above the village Petritis. According to tradition, the first inhabitants of the village were pirates who decided to retire and live calmly near the sea, occupying themselves with fishing. They chose the high ground where, Korakades is built today because it offered them security and limitless view of the sea. The naming of the village probably came from the crows which, made their nests on this hill.

After the landslides which, occurred in Korakades, it was decided that its inhabitants would resettle in Petritis where, they rebuilt their houses. Korakades is famous for its capable seamen because for a very long time, up until today, its inhabitants were occupied with naval professions: captains, even waiters in the best cruise ships of the world.

Even today, you can go for a stroll in Korakades and wander around the old houses which, are still standing and to the church of the old village. From there you can also visit Argyrades , a large, beautiful and traditional village with Venetian architecture, narrow alleys and houses built one next to the other.

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