Kouloura beach

Facing one of the most photographed harbors of the Corfu countryside, the small pebbly Kouloura beach is nearly secluded, situated on the left of the picturesque village of Kouloura. The scenery on this beach is enchanting. Tall cypress trees which nearly reach the sea, offer shade to the bathers who chose to swim in its turquoise waters. Some anchored boats, located in the center of the beach, synthesize the scene on this magnificent landscape. The waters are crystal clear but, you have to be careful if you have small children as they deepen abruptly.

Kouloura beach is completely unorganized without taverns and coffee shops. The only thing you will find there are some deck-chairs which you can rent for a small price. On the small harbor of the village there is only one fish tavern and if you would like a greater variety you could head on to the adjacent Kalami which is located less than a kilometer away.

The beauty of this picturesque bay can be admired from above, from the road that leads to Kouloura beach and of course you can stop on the edge of the road to take pictures.

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