Lady of the Angels

The monastery of Lady of the Angels is situated in Lefkimmi, in the south of the island. The monastery was built in 1696 from the family of Varlaam Kapodistrias, while later, after the surrounding buildings were built the monastery served as a sick bay for people suffering from the plague.

Around the beginning of the 19th century, the Lady of the Angels was deserted, as the English rulers of the island turned against it, causing considerable damage.

But, while reaching to the 20th century, in 1933, the old woman Anastasia arrives in Lady of the Angels who reforms the old monastery and reestablishes it two years later, in 1935. She lived there by herself until 1955, when the Lady of Angels was staffed with nuns. The old woman Anastasia, the «soul» of the monastery is one of the most beloved personalities who passed through the area and is mentioned with affection by the Corfiots.

The Lady of the Angels is celebrated on 15th of August, the day the Church honors the Assumption.

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