Liapades is a beautiful, traditional village with about 1000 residents near Palaiokastritsa , built in a verdant area. Despite the touristy development of the region, Liapades fully maintains its traditional character, both in the Venetian architecture of the village and also in the habits and everyday life of the villagers. Do not be surprised if you see, even today, in the narrow roads of the settlement, peasants with their donkeys, an image which offers authentic moments of the countryside during your vacation.

Liapades has all the necessary touristy facilities for the visitor. In the main square of the village there are traditional taverns and coffee shops, as well as the church of Agia Anastassia of the 16th century, with beautiful, religious paintings and old icons.

You can swim in the main beach of Liapades  which has touristy action but, also in the more isolated Rovinia  which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. You can also visit by boat, one of the approximately 15 small beaches of the region with crystal clear and turquoise waters, totally calm which are not accessible by land.

Liapades is also famous for the wine  it produces. It is of the variety kakotrygis, with unique color and flavor.

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