Rovinia is perhaps the most beautiful and the most idyllic beach of Corfu. Deep blue waters, snow-white pebbles and a small bay surrounded by a verdant landscape which ends up to the sea. Rovinia is located very close to Liapades village, at a distance of about 400 meters and it is accessible by car on a dirt road and then on foot, through a small path between dense olive groves. Another way to get there is by boat which you can rent from the nearby beaches such as Liapades beach or Alypa beach  in Palaiokastritsa.

Rovinia is the perfect combination of isolation and relaxation as there is no tourism infrastructure on the beach and therefore you should have in advance all the essentials for your stay there. On the beach there is only one cabin locker. In the summer, the beach is approached daily by a small canteen-boat with ice-creams and refreshments.

Keep in mind that the waters in Rovinia are quite cold and deepen abruptly so you should be particularly careful if you have children. On the end of Rovinia, on the beach there is a small cave on the cliffs which can provide shade to the bathers.

Next to Rovinia beach you will find many caves and if you have rented a boat it would be a good opportunity to visit them and take a dip into their crystal clear waters!

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