Magoulades is a large village in the north-western end of the island which extends from Sidari  to the Arillas beach. It is a village with a long history which is mentioned even by Homer with the name Magoula which means a hill. Magoulades was visited by Plato in 405 A.C. when he participated in the feasts of Linaion to honor the God Dionysus which took place in the village Nymfes.

The history of Magoulades is depicted in the many mansions of the village but, also in the numerous churches and monasteries it has. One of these is Panagia of Magoulades , or Panagia Ypsili which is one of the oldest and biggest Monasteries of Corfu, as it dates back to the first quarter of the 10th century. This Monastery, due to the significance and the greatness of its architecture and of the relics it keeps, has been characterized as a Historical Preserved Monument. Also, the main church of Magoulades, Agioi Theodoroi, which began to be built in 1920, is one of the most imposing churches of the Corfiot countryside.

It was in 2001 in Magoulades that the operation of one of the houses of the society «The smile of the child» began, in an edifice of 1730 which was granted by the church and which is located on lovely grounds amongst the olive grove.

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