The village Marmaro is a traditional village built at the foot of hills facing the prairie of Ropas. The village impresses the visitor with its distinctive, traditional, architectural style. Narrow lanes, old houses, yards with vine arbors and traditional coffee shops, synthesize the scenery in the picturesque Marmaro which has no touristy development. Its inhabitants are exclusively occupied with the cultivation of crops in the meadow.

Marmaro has great history, which begins from the 11th-12th century, a history which is shown by its scattered monuments inside the village. A stream passes through Marmaro separating it in two parts. A stone bridge, of great architectural value, connects both sides.

In the center of the village is located the church of Agia Marina which was probably built during the 16th century and which has an elaborate icon screen made of Corfiot marble (marmaro in Greek). Besides, the name of the village comes from the marble (marmaro) which was produced in the region in the past. Outside the precinct of Agia Marina is located the old oil mill of the church which today operates as the Olive Museum.

From Marmaro it is worthwhile visiting the adjacent villages Giannades and Kanakades  which are also very old village with distinctive architecture and significant monuments.

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