Mon Repos

In the area covered by the archaeological site of Palaiopoli in Corfu, is situated the verdant estate of Mon Repos. It is approximately 3 kilometers away from the city of Corfu  and covers in total an area of 258 acres of vegetation on the hill of Analipsi, while it also includes an impressive palace with an endless view of the sea.

The palace of Mon Repos was built by an English Commissioner of the Ionian Islands, Frederick Adam, in 1831. It is said that it was a gift to his beloved wife, the Corfiot Nina Palantianou, while the architect of the edifice was also an English man, Whitmore. It has large openings, of colonial style with intense Greek and neoclassical elements.

Mon Repos, after the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece was granted to King George and until 1967 remained in the royal family who used it as a summer palace.  Ever since, a legal battle for its ownership began, as the royal descendants claimed it as personal property, which was ultimately rejected by the Greek courts, while granting Mon Repos to the Municipality of Corfu. Today this palace houses the Museum of Palaiopoli.

King George I gave this mansion and the estate the name with which it was established: Mon Repos which means «my rest». Mon Repos hosted the empress Elizabeth of Austria before she built the Achillion, while it is the place where, prince Philip was born who later married Elizabeth of England.

Very close to the palace, are situated the ruins of the greatest ancient temple of Corfu, while also close by, you will see the best-preserved ancient temple of the island.

The palace of Mon Repos, is consisted of two main buildings, strictly symmetrical between them. It belongs to the neoclassical style (which in this specific case is assumed premature) and is characterized by simple lines, with large openings, especially the second building which served as a guest-room and is called «Tito» – probably a reference to the former president of Yugoslavia who used to come to Mon Repos.

But, besides the mansion of Mon Repos, visitors are also impressed by the verdant garden surrounding it. It is estimated that it is comprised of more than 2.000 species of plants, starting from the smallest mosses and flowers, to the tallest trees!

In June of 1994, under the Greek Presidency of the European Union during that period, Mon Repos hosted the Summit of European leaders.

You can easily reach Mon Repos from Corfu by bus or even by taxi  as it is a quick ride.

Coordinates: 39°36′23″N 19°55′34″E ·

Opening Hours: From Tuesday until Sunday 08:30 – 19:00

Tel. 26610 41369

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