Monument of Menekrates

In the area of Garitsa, the bay of the city of Corfu, a visitor can see the ancient monument of Menekrates, which dates back to the 6th century B.C., the era when ancient Corfu was at its peak and was discovered in 1843. It is a circular, tomb made of stone where, the archaic burial inscription of ten verses is saved in perfect condition and is considered one of the oldest in Greece.

The monument was dedicated to Menekrates, the consul of Corfu in ancient Oiantheia (an ancient city in the region of Galaxidi) who died at sea, so it as a cenotaph.

The inscription on the Monument of Menekrates is written in the Corinthian alphabet and narrates the personality of this man and his deeds. According to the manuscript, the Monument of Menekrates was built by the municipality to honor him.

The place where the Monument of Menekrates is situated was once a cemetery in the ancient city. The marble lion, which is exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Corfu  called the «lion of Menekrates», was also found in the cemetery and it was firstly believed that it decorated the Monument of Menekrates.

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