Municipal Gallery

The Municipal Gallery of Corfu is housed in the eastern wing of the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, in the historical center of the city of Corfu. In its collections are included works of art of Ionian artists, mainly of painters, sculptors and photographers.

The permanent collections of the Municipal Gallery were created by purchases of the Municipality of Kerkyraion and donations of art lovers or from artists themselves, including collections of Georgios Samartzis, Aglaia Pappa, Philippo Makotsis, the collections of engraving of the family of Iassonas Depountis, of Aria Komianou and others.

The largest part of the collection of the Municipal Gallery of Corfu includes works of Corfiot painters of the 19th century, such as Charalampos Pahis, Pavlos Prosalentis Jr., Aggelos Giallinas, Vikentios Bokatsiampis.

Experts characterize the works of the collections of the Municipal Gallery as the epitome of Greek art of the 19th century. Perhaps the best known of the exhibits is the work «Murder of Kapodistrias» by Charalambos Pahis, while among the most important woks is the «Markas» and «Flock» by Aggelos Giallinas, the «Sphinx» of Spyros Skarvelis, the «Warrior of ’21» by S. Prosalentis, the «Araps Musician» of Paul Prosalendis, the «Winder of piano» G. Samartzis and others.

In recent years a large part of the collections of the Municipal Gallery of Corfu has been digitized, making its digital collection one of the greatest in Greece.

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