Musical Artistic Union of Lefkimmaion

Since 1910, in the city of Lefkimmi operates the Musical Artistic Union of Lefkimmaion, as a continuation of the «Singing School of Lefkimmi» which had been founded a few years earlier. The Musical Artistic Union of Lefkimmaion participates pro bono in all the events of the region (social, religious, cultural, national etc.). More than 100 musicians form its departments, the band with departments of theory, wind and percussion instruments, a bandina in which belong the small musicians until 15 years of age and which already has many appearances in its assets, an orchestra of various music which was put together at the end of 1993 and a choir of about 40 choristers in which the artistic songs and the traditional kantades are cultivated. In the Musical Artistic Union of Lefkimmaion also operates a dancing group which has about 25 young women. Since 1989 the Society organizes every year on the 15th of August, a great festival in Lefkimmi which is the leading event of the summer.

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