New Fortress

It is said that the best panoramic view of Corfu is the one from the New Fortress of the city, which dominates on the hill of Agios Markos, above the old port. It was built by the Venetians during the 16th century in order to fortify the defense because the Old Fortress was no longer enough and this is why it has remained known with the Italian name Fortezza Nuova.

The New Fortress of Corfu is a severe edifice, built in two levels: its two bastions are considered the most remarkable examples of fortress architecture. The superior one is named Bastion of the Seven Winds and in order to climb there and admire the endless view from the bar that operates at the top, you will pass through tunnels and vaulted passages that seem to have remained in the Venetian age of nobles, knights and ladyships. According to folklore tradition, for the project that was launched in 1576, 10-15000 workers labored there daily and used materials from approximately 2.000 houses and churches of Corfu. The Royal Gate of the New Fortress is decorated with the emblem of the Republic of Venice, the winged Lion of St. Mark, a true work of art.

The stone barrack, which, was built during British rule, now hosts cultural events, the Museum of Ceramic Art, and also the municipal cafeteria where you can stand in order to relax and refresh yourself.

The old emplacements, the ammunition depots, the water reservoirs and the underground galleries of the New Fortress are so well-maintained that they give you a very clear picture of the defense methods of the Venetians.

Although it was bombarded, ravaged and destroyed voluntarily even from the Corfiots, the New Fortress of Corfu will surely impress you. In the beginning it was connected to the Old Fortress with walls but, today it is said that only the underground tunnels remain which link the two forts that cannot be visited.

The entrance and the ticket-office of the New Fortress is situated in the Old City of Corfu at the point where, «skalinada» of Solomos street is united with the gallery from the Street Market and Sholemvourgou street.

Opening hours: 09:00-21:00

Tel. 26610 27370

Entrance fee: €3

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