Olive Oil Soap

Corfu is one of the few places in the entire world where, even today traditional Olive Oil Soap is produced. In the center of the modern city, among condominiums and shops is located for more than a century, the Soap Industry of Patounis, a family business which began in 1850 and its owners today, who have slightly changed, still use the traditional machines and tools!

The Olive Oil Soap has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean, not only for personal hygiene but, also as a general use for cleaning. The pure Olive Oil Soap is considered the best for cleaning the skin, as it clears the skin pores effectively while removing dust, oily residues and dead cells. It is exclusively produced from oil, soda, salt and water. The Olive Oil Soap has limited foaming capability but, is characterized by its mild and hypoallergenic effect.

The Soap Industry of Patounis on the street Ioannou Theotoki 9, has been declared by the Ministry of Culture a live monument of industrial history and can be visited the days and hours when shops are open.

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