Ortholithi is exactly what its name says: A rocky cliff which rises almost vertically from the surface of the sea. It is located south of the bay of Ai Gordis beach, almost below the village of Pentati, in western Corfu. A truly impressive creation of nature which characterizes the landscape of both beaches.

You can reach Ortholithi either by boat or even with pedalos which, you will find in Ai Gordis beach, one of the most organized beaches of Corfu.

In Ortholithi you will not find beaches but, many prefer it for the variety of the sea bed it has and which makes it an ideal place to take dips and underwater exploration with a mask.

It is possible that you will see wild goats in Ortholithi which can move easily on the abrupt cliffs.

Ortholithi is also known as Megalo Tholeto, while another smaller islet which is in the open sea, is Mikro Tholeto.

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