A perfect example of a Greek village, built on the top of a hill, at an altitude of 120 meters, Pentati overlooks upon the south-western shore of the island and the famous cliff Megalo Tholoto or Ortholithi. In Pentati, the houses are traditional and colorful and they are surrounded by verdant, dense vegetation with olive and cypress trees. You will also find lovely traditional taverns and small, tranquil coffee shops while around the village and in more isolated locations, there are some touristy lodgings, hotels and rentable rooms to accommodate you.

Below the village is situated, a small secluded beach, Fieroula which is covered with pebbles and small rocks and its sea bed is ideal for underwater explorations or fishing. Access to this beach is through a narrow, paved with asphalt road which traverses through dense olive groves which offer lots of shade during the trip. The large, popular beach of Ai Gordis  is only 4 kilometers away from Pentati.

Pentati is at a distance of about 17 kilometers from the city of Corfu .

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