The island Othonoi is the largest of the Diapontia Islands  and is located in the north-western part of the Greek Territory. It is a small and secluded paradise, as the island remains virgin and has minimally developed in tourism. Othonoi covers an area of 10,8 square kilometers and is at a distance of 7,5 nautical miles from Corfu. The island is verdant, mainly mountainous, with the highest peak being the peak of Merovigli (393 m.).

Othonoi is related, according to tradition, with the Homeric Ogygia where, Calypso kept Odysseus «prisoner» for 7 years. In the western end of the island is located the so-called cave of Calypso, 100 meters long, 15 meters wide and 20 meters high which is only accessible by sea and is one of the sights of the island.

Othonoi where, approximately 100 people reside permanently, has scattered, small settlements with most significant, the settlement of Ammos – where the port of the island is –and the settlement of Chorio. All the action of the island is gathered in Ammos, providing some rentable rooms, taverns and coffee shops. Wandering in the alleys of the settlement you will admire the small houses built of stone, with yards filled with flowers.


The beaches are accessible mainly through paths or by sea. Most shores are steep and rocky but, a tour with the sloops will reveal beautiful coves in order to enjoy your swim. One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece is located in Othonoi. It is the Aspri Ammos (White Sand) on the south-western shores of the island, with fine, snow-white sand, deep blue waters and a huge cliff. The bay Fyki is also of unique beauty, in the north of the island where, the shipwreck of Sara is located. In the past, the sea bed of Othonoi enchanted the famous French explorer of the deep, Jacques-Yves Cousteau who stayed at the island and named his exploratory boat, Calypso.

In the eastern shores you can visit the Cape Kastri where, there are ruins of a Venetian castle but, also the impressive Pharos (lighthouse) which is built at an altitude of 100 meters overlooking the endless sea.

The whole island is ideal for hiking in its verdant paths, with the most beautiful being the tour from Ammos to Chorio which can be walked through a path made of stone. You can reach Othonoi either by ship from Corfu, or by sloops which depart from Sidari and Agios Stefanos in Avliotes. The new port in Avlaki is capable of mooring yachts and several small private boats. In the island there is also a heliport for emergencies.

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