Palaiochori is the oldest village in the whole region of Lefkimmi. It is mentioned in written sources of 1336, when the king of Tarantas granted it as a feudal field to the Kavassilas brothers who were counts in Aitoloakarnania. Even today, in the region is preserved the place-name «Kavassilatika». Palaiochori was probably founded during the middle of the Byzantine years by families who came from Continental Greece.

From Palaiochori, by following the main highway, you can go to the beaches of Ai Gordis in the South, Kanoula and Megali Lakka. These are beaches with crystal clear waters which extend along many kilometers, on the western side of the island and are intact from the contemporary and noisy touristy development.

In Palaiochori the character of the Greek countryside has remained pure. Its inhabitants, as well as the inhabitants of the adjacent settlements, Neochori  and Bastatika , are mainly occupied with agriculture because these settlements stretch across a very fertile prairie.

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