Palies Sinies

One of the ruined and abandoned settlements in northern Corfu, Palies Sinies, is still standing, resisting the passage of time, at the foot of mount Pantokratoras. It is at a distance of about 40 kilometers from the city of Corfu  and less than 10 from Kassiopi .

It is quite possible that the houses in Palies Sinies have been standing since the 17th century, while the village was abandoned in the 60s, when the inhabitants moved to Nissaki, the modern, seaside village, one of the most visited in northern Corfu.

Today, wild ivies and prickly bushes have surrounded the mansions of another time of Palies Sinies, while the churches of the village that still stand are decorated with great murals that attract the interest of visitors.

The area where Palies Sinies is situated is of course hard to access, as it was built in this spot because of fear of pirates who ravaged the coastal areas, but it is worth visiting, especially if you are hiking enthusiasts.

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