Perama is an extremely popular, touristy destination, due to its unique view of Pontikonisi, the trademark of tourism in Corfu. A small footbridge over the Lagoon of Chalikiopoulos  unites Perama to Kanoni  where, the small boats depart for Pontikonisi. This bridge is a main attraction for tourists and visitors because if you stand in its center, you will see the airplanes landing at the airport of the city, flying just above your head!

Perama, surrounded by olive groves, offers some small sea-shores where, you can enjoy your swim. Because of its location, it has many touristy lodgings, hotels, rooms you can rent, as well as restaurants and coffee shops with a view of Pontikonisi.

Just after Perama, on the road to Benitses, you will see what remains from the Kaiser’s Bridge, on the sea which connected the famous Achillion to the beach.

Perama is about 7 kilometers from the center of the city of Corfu  and is connected to it by buses . Another alternative is to walk to Kanoni by crossing the footbridge and taking a taxi  or a bus from there to the city, the trip is shorter from there.

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