Philharmonic Society of Lefkimmi

The Philharmonic Society of Lefkimmi was founded in 1911 with the name Musical Association «Apollo» and if we leave out the years of the war, it has been offering free musical education and entertainment for the children and the residents of Lefkimmi  for a century. Its long contribution is not only limited to music. The theatrical performances, which it organized mostly after the war, were turning points in the theatrical education, and entertained the residents of Lefkimmi during those difficult years. The Philharmonic Society of Lefkimmi has participated in all the cultural, social and religious events of the region but, in also multiple others in Corfu and in other cities of Greece.

Today the Philharmonic Society of Lefkimmi has about 110 members and maintains a band, a bandina, an orchestra and the dancing group Kantrilies. Kantrilies is comprised of 16 dance couples which dance facing each other in four rows. The dance they perform includes dancing figures that are rooted in the lengthy Western European occupation of the Ionian Islands which became part of the tradition of Lefkimmi. The Philharmonic Society of Lefkimmi is housed on a proprietary two-floored building where, classes of learning theory, of wind and percussion instruments, operate.

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