Philharmonic Society of Skripero

The Philharmonic Society of Skripero was founded on the 3rd of May in 1909 and is the fourth philharmonic that was established on the island of Corfu. Its basic purpose is the teaching of music to the children of the residents of Skripero  and of the surrounding region, in order to elevate the cultural conscience of the Corfiot countryside. The Philharmonic Society of Skripero is housed in a proprietary building, with an event hall of 285 square meters, in the old Venetian mansion of Markis.

From its foundation until today, the Philharmonic Society of Skripero participates in numerous social, cultural, religious and educational events while it performs an average of 8 official concerts a year with the band, the bandina and the musical ensembles it has. Apart from Corfu, it has also performed concerts in other cities of Greece and abroad.

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