Skripero is the main village of the region of «Gyros» or «Agyros» which extends to the west of the northern part of Corfu. It is the first mountainous village that someone can encounter while crossing the provincial road Corfu  – Sidari , at a distance of 18 kilometers away from the city of Corfu.

Skripero is famous for its old mansions and its great, music tradition, with the Philharmonic Society of Skripero  counting more than a hundred years of operation.

Skripero is amphitheatrically built on the small village Korakio and offers, from its higher points, the so-called «Panochori», a panoramic view of the surrounding region. While descending to «Piatsa» you will discover tranquil, clean roads and the square «Saouli» with its three wells.

In Skripero, do not forget to visit the Monastery of Panagia of Vlaherna, a stone walled edifice of the 18th century.

Concerning the name of Skripero, there are two versions. The first one states that it comes from the Albanian skrip which means slope and the second one that it comes from the Italian scivere which means write and refers to the time when Skripero was the capital and seat of the administration.

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