Potami River

The Potami River that crosses the village of Potamos, is the largest of Corfu, even though it is located relatively close to the city of the island, in the region of Middle Corfu. The River has the greatest flow of all the rivers of Corfu which are several and significant because of the climate of the island but, also of the relief of its terrain. It springs from the mountains of the village Pelekas  and flows into the Saltmarshes, crossing Corfu widthwise.

The ecosystem that is created in the banks and estuaries of the Potami River is considered one the greatest of the island: different kinds of fauna of Corfu and especially of flora are found exclusively there.

From the 3,5 kilometers of total length, the Potami River is navigable at 2,5 towards the banks, while until recently anyone could swim in its waters safely.

The Potami River has already been mentioned in the Venetian maps of Corfu, while the bay on which it flows into is known as «bay of Potamos».

The bridge of Asyrmatos connects the two banks of Potami River and it was built during the English occupation, in the beginning of the 19th century.

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