Roman Baths in Benitses

The Roman Baths in Benitses are one of the best preserved archaeological sites of the Roman era in Corfu. They are situated in Benitses, one of the most touristic places of the island and it is an easily accessible place, known as the estate of the Kapsokavvadi family.

An ancient mansion was once situated here and the only remains of this mansion are the Roman Baths in Benitses with the impressive mosaic floor, its details visible even today. A large room in the east, covered with an arch, waterpipes made of clay and of course the hypocaust, the space underground used for the housing of the Roman Baths in Benitses, are also kept in good condition.

The colorful mosaic on the floor in the Roman Baths in Benitses is one of the most impressive. It is decorated with elaborate geometrical shapes, while the floor of the second room covered with an arch is adorned with black and white marble.

Do not be surprised when you are so close to the Roman Baths in Benitses that you will not be able to see them from afar: this is because they are situated between houses and you will have to wander about for a while until you find the archaeological site. But, do not hesitate, the stroll in Benitses  is worth your while!

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